Splitting the session into two parts, Anthony fist takes his audience on an emotional journey, with a mix of highs and lows, sharing his highly contagious optimistic views on happiness and finding your superpower.

For the second half of the presentation,  Anthony breaks down and focuses on 4 key learning points he has had to overcome during his journey to build himself back up from within.


Topics Covered in Corporate  Presentation

Vision and Values

Playing to strengths

Developing a learning culture

Collaboration and teamwork


Dealing with setbacks

Inspiring and empowering

Maintaining motivation


The Process

Each Inspirational speech can be customised to your events key themes and required outputs through our thorough process: 

Pre event call to understand event themes and outcomes

Number 2.png

Speech customisation for duration and messaging


Call to discuss proposed content and format for sign off

Seamless and powerful delivery

Audience blown away!