Miracle Man

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Keynote speaker for corporate events, healthcare and education

Miracle Man

Anthony Bennett is an inspirational speaker on teamwork, mental health and resilience in businesses, healthcare and schools.

He has been delivering motivational speeches since 2008, two years after his recovery, giving him the nickname Miracle Man.

From surviving an incredible 12 near death experiences to accomplishing colossal achievements, Anthony now shares his infectious positivity for life with schools, healthcare and corporate audiences.


It took many people for Anthony to get his life back. From surgeons, nurses, cleaners and people working behind the scenes. Everybody, no matter how big or small their role is, plays a major position when it comes to teamwork.

Enhancing Mental Health

Providing strategies for building resilience and equipping your team with the tools to succeed in their lives and careers.




After returning from a school trip
to Disneyland Paris In 2006,
Anthony fell ill with:

Streph Pneumonia

He spent 21 days on an ECMO life-support machine, had 12 cardiac arrests and was given a 10% chance of survival.

After making a full recovery...

£7.5m for GOSH Charity

Anthony went on to play a major role in securing a £7.5m charity partnership between Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity (GOSH) and Whitbread PLC. The funds raised went towards the Premier Inn Clinical Building, helping the hospital treat up to 20% more patients.

Happy Chappy

In 2015, he was named one of the happiest people in the UK, by the Independent on Sunday in their annual Happy List. A programme recognised by the then Prime Minister, for 100 people who enrich the lives of others

Worldwide Inspiration

He now spends his time inspiring people to say yes and step out of their comfort zones, worldwide. With a 5-star Google review rating with over 200 reviews, Anthony may be the perfect speaker for your event.

Inspirational Speaking

 to inspire, motivate and uplift your teams.


Keynote Speaker

Opening Speaker 
Starting your event with your team feeling uplifted and inspired.

Closing Speaker 
Bringing your event to an end, with your team leaving on a high.

…Or both!

JANUARY 2020    ➺    ICELAND

Speaking Themes

It took input from many, many people for Anthony to get his life back. From the surgeons, nurses, cleaners and people working behind the scenes. Everybody, no matter how big or small their role is, plays a valuable position when it comes to teamwork.

Saying Yes
Throughout the session there is an 
underlying and recurring theme of ‘When you say no, nothing changes, but when you say yes to opportunities, amazing things can happen’.

Exploring the positive and negative voices within and how to keep self-motivated and work with yourself rather than against yourself.

The Positives and Negatives
Appreciating the ups and downs. How negative situations can plant seeds for positive outcomes.

Overcoming the lows
Practical steps to get back on side with yourself when times get tough.

JULY 2021    ➺    COSTA RIA

Building Confidence

the two voices many people have in their imagination. The ‘Dreamer’ voice that always wants the best for us and the ‘Puller-backer’ voice that tries to talk us out of ideas.

members of the audience on stage to step out of their comfort zones and to follow their Dreamer voice to share something that makes them proud of themselves, something they have overcome, reasons for why they chose their profession or simply a thank you to someone that has helped them along their journey.

a safe space to interact, the sessions have proven to be incredibly inspirational and work well for those organisations looking for slightly longer sessions.


Speaker for Schools

Primary Schools
Secondary Schools

Teachers/Educational Staff 
Team Builds

Inspiration | Motivation | Teamwork | Resilience​

Gary Holden
Gary Holden
Absolutely inspired. Delivered with a humble nature, Anthony has just inspired many at the SET Conference. Beautifully moving.
Inspirational, something to resonate with everyone.
Charlotte Foster
Charlotte Foster
Such an inspiration to all. Thank you for being you and encouraging us to be the best version ourselves.
Natalie Reid
Natalie Reid
Anthony’s story is simply inspiring! A very thought provoking talk - would definitely recommend.
Rachel lake
Rachel lake
Fabulous speaker,very inspirational.
Jodie Redpath
Jodie Redpath
Inspired to get up and say YES! Very warm gentleman.

Leaving your team inspired

An exceptional keynote speaker, inspiring and motivating audiences globally.

Keynote Speaker

A one-of-a-kind speaker. His positive philosophy leaves a lasting impression on audiences. Whether an annual conference, staff inset day, or a team away day, your team will leave inspired.

School Speaker

An inspiring and motivational speaker for schools.
Sharing with students (and teachers) techniques to help improve their resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

Audience Feedback

Clients Include

Why Miracle Man?

His unique approach to motivation and inspiration is perfect for team-building events, healthcare and corporate conferences, school assemblies, teacher inset days and any other occasion where people come together.

Here are a 5 reasons why event organisers should consider booking Miracle Man for their events:

1. Impact on Teams

Anthony has a history of positive impact on teams, by helping to build morale, inspiring and motivating staff to become better versions of themselves. He can help your team to see their potential and challenge limits. His positive energy and enthusiasm are infectious and will leave your team feeling inspired and confident to start stepping out of their comfort zones.

2. Setting the Tone

He is the perfect keynote speaker to kick off your event, setting the tone for the rest of the day or evening. His message of saying yes to opportunities, the power of teamwork and perspective-changing tips on pushing yourself and becoming a better version of yourself will resonate with your attendees, leaving them inspired for rest of the event and beyond.

3. Audience Engagement

As a speaker, Anthony is known for his ability to engage the audience within the first 10 seconds of his keynote until the very end, creating an interactive experience that keeps everyone involved. His speeches capture attention with his storytelling style, making your audience feel a range of emotions throughout and left on a high.

4. Motivation

His speeches are intended to motivate people to take action and make positive changes in their lives. His message is clear, concise, and impactful, leaving audiences with the tools they need to push forward achieve their goals.

5. Experience

With near two decades of experience on the stage, Anthony knows how to connect with people and deliver a powerful message. He has spoken to audiences of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, and is comfortable in all types of settings.

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Whether opening your conference or bringing your team day to a close (or both), Anthony is guaranteed to leave your team feeling inspired and motivated.

Inspirational speaker for primary and secondary schools

Colleges and university students

Teacher INSET days

Virtual parent talks

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An inspirational keynote speaker is a leader in the field of motivational futures of work and life who delivers keynotes that introduce the following event or presentation. Keynote speakers are usually the first to speak at an event and help to set the tone for the following conference or team-building day. The best keynote speakers may not be experts in the topic of the event but are thought leaders with expertise in motivation, encouragement and sustainability.

Anthony Bennett is a guest speaker who delivers an award-winning keynote speech to any event that requires a lasting, inspirational message to start or close the event. Anthony, nicknamed Miracle Man, can improve the environment of any talk with his infectious positivity for life. His accolade as “one of the happiest people in the UK” will improve any corporate event, whether virtual events or in-person.

Anthony is the perfect speaker to talk to your attendees about wellness, positivity and teamwork. His story not only tells the importance of each role but the positive future of work when working as a team and accepting change with a positive attitude and outlook.