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Anthony overcame:

3 life threatening viral infections

10% chance of survival

12x resuscitated

About Anthony

This is Anthony Bennett's captivating account on the power of teamwork, after a school trip to Disneyland Paris left him fighting for his life and needing to re-learn the very basic functions such as breathing, walking and talking.

After making a full recovery, Anthony played a key role in winning a £10m charity partnership for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity and inspiring and leading a team of 20,000 people to raise the funds which went towards a new cardiac wing at the children's hospital.

With a highly infectious and positive outlook on life, Anthony takes his audience on a crucial journey on how he turned a huge negative situation and used it to fuel positive outward ripples in his daily life..


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Tim Johnson, ceo, great ormond street children's charity

"Since 2006, Anthony has been a tremendous asset to the charity. The passion he demonstrates when sharing his experiences; engaging and inspiring his audience, played an important role inhelping the charity to secure a £7.5m+ partnership with Whitbread plc

His natural ability to connect with, inspire and motivate people to support fundraising and to push themselves towards personal success has been astounding.

He carries such positivity and it's a pleasure to witness the impact he has on people, engaging them in fundraising and helping them to understand the ability they have to make a real difference to others."

Mr jones, Assistant Head Teacher, Greenford High School

"Anthony's presentation to the full cohort of 270 Year 12 students was a real triumph.

Rarely can a speaker hold the audience so intently for such a long time but Anthony's delivery, his anecdotes and his inspirational message of overcoming adversity were listened to by all of our young adults with respect, enthusiasm and wide eye'd wonder

I would (and have) asked Anthony to return and would encourage many other schools as possible to do the same.

The change in people's attitudes after Anthony's talk was palpable and clear, we at Greenford High School are really delighted that we found such an engaging and passionate young man."

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Glen hodgson, head of healthcare, gs1

Anthony’s engaging style and ability to tailor his presentation / personal story to the audience set the two day conference off on a high note – within twenty minutes Anthony variously made the audience both laugh and cry as well as telling an uplifting tale of teamwork within a stressful and highly emotionally charged environment – and it was a  the charity. 

The passion he demonstrates when sharing his experiences; engaging and inspiring his audience, play. The feedback from the session was simply the most positive I have ever known.

Anthony would be an ideal speaker for any healthcare related event, whether provider or supplier as he resonates well with the patient safety imperative that is top of the industry’s agenda.  Anthony takes the time to investigate his clients business activities, their audience and carefully aligns the messages to fit the agenda – all this is achieved through his natural, engaging, intelligent curiosity.

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The Process

Each Inspirational speech can be customised to your events key themes and required outputs through our thorough process: 


Pre event call to understand event themes and outcomes

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Speech customisation for duration and messaging


Call to discuss proposed content and format for sign off

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Seamless and powerful delivery

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Audience blown away!


What to expect

Anthony's story is a real roller coaster of a journey with rich insight, honesty, humility and humour, blended with a image based presentation that compliments his story, bringing the entire journey to life.

Anthony Inspires | YouTube

I had the awesome opportunity to share my very first speaking session in Spain with non other than KIMAL.

7 days in Punta did I manage to pick up the accent!

Risky Business, 3-day conference, and I won favourite speaker!

Today I had the opportunity to meet the Rufus Leonard team in central London - A truly highly creative team!

The Leadenhall Ball event is focused on fundraising for children experiencing difficult times.

In this episode I was invited to speak with 120 HR professionals about discovering their Super-Powers

Speaking in Manchester and then travelling to London to speak at my old high school for their annual media awards ceremony.

Who would have thought I'd see the day..being invited back to my old high school to hold 5 sessions with the students

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