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Empowering young minds, shaping bright futures: motivating students to believe, achieve, and create a brighter future.

Motivating Young Minds & Inspiring the Next Generation

Anthony sared his journey of bouncing back from multiple near-death experiences to being named one of the happiest people in the UK. With a focus on mental health and resilience, Anthony delivers inspiring stories and motivational talks that leave a lasting impact on students and teachers alike.

As one of the top speakers for schools in the UK, Anthony empowers young minds to overcome challenges, embrace positivity, and unlock their full potential.

Speaker for Schools

Inspiring All Age Groups & Educational Settings

His assemblies are suitable for students of all age groups including those in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

They create an atmosphere of enthusiasm for learning, personal growth, and empowerment. His ability to connect with young people on their level makes his speeches impactful and relatable, leaving a lasting impression on pupils, students and teachers.

From the energetic enthusiasm of primary school pupils to the inquisitive minds of secondary school students, Anthony’s motivational speeches cater to the unique needs and interests of each age group. He brings a breath of fresh air to classrooms, school assemblies and lecture halls, sparking curiosity, igniting passion, and encouraging students to embrace their full potential.

Student Feedback

Unlocking Resilience with Mental Health

Anthony's presentations promote mental well-being and resilience, empowering the next generation. Through inspiring assemblies, Anthony motivates young people to conquer the challenges of life and mental health and how you can bounce back stronger.

Overcoming Setbacks

Sharing stories of overcoming the negatives. Anthony encourages young people to push through adversity and emerge stronger on the other side.

How to Conquer Fear

Providing young people with practical tools to conquer fear and promote personal development and self-assurance.
Students will walk away feeling motivated, with a positive outlook and the bravery to tackle new obstacles.


During his talks, Anthony addresses the issue of bullying and offers insights on the importance self improvement and feeling good about yourself, which in return makes you want the best for others. Through his presentations, he encourages empathy, kindness, and respect, which in turn creates a secure and all-encompassing learning environment.
Anthony's speeches have a profound impact on students, empowering them to take a stand against bullying and contribute towards establishing a positive sense of community.

Saying Yes to Opportunities with a Positive Mindset

Anthony promotes a positive mindset and encourages individuals to embrace opportunities with open arms. He motivates young people to step out of their comfort zones, take on new experiences, and approach life with optimism. His talks are inspiring and encourage the next generation to prioritise personal growth and development.

Speech Layout & Structure


Anthony’s sessions consist of a full day of inspiring assemblies and classroom sessions, with each session being the same length as a typical lesson.

First Half

In the beginning stage of the assembly, Anthony shares his personal experience in a captivating manner. He skillfully connects with his audience, regardless of their age. Anthony's exceptional communication skills have completely captivated the students with his words, creating a serene and focused atmosphere that earns him their utmost respect and attention.

Second Half

In his presentation, Anthony delves into the realms of motivation, conquering fear, and managing setbacks. He imparts practical advice to students on how they can initiate a journey towards a healthier mental state by building a stronger bond with themselves.

Themes Include:

Dealing with Setbacks

Building Positive Mental Health

Working towards Long Term Goals

Social Media/Procrastination

Overcoming Fear


Miracle Man in Action

Inspiration | Motivation | Teamwork | Resilience

Educators and staff too!

Educators play a vital role in shaping our society by focusing on how to positively impact our children’s lives. However, they are not immune to mental health issues such as anxiety, burnout, and depression. It is concerning to see an increase in mental health-related absences among educators.

Anthony’s storytelling is not only inspiring for students but also for teachers. He creates a positive environment while delivering practical tips and inspiring stories. These sessions are perfect for motivating educators when a positive boost is needed.

Why Choose The Miracle Man as Your Next School Speaker?

Anthony Inspires provides an engaging and interactive presentation that will leave a lasting impression on your students. He offers a unique perspective on personal growth and aims to challenge students to think about their potential and what they can achieve. His message is one of motivation and empowerment that will inspire your students.

Benefits of a Motivational School Speaker:

Inspires and motivates students to reach their full potential

Addresses important topics such as mental health, bullying, and goal-setting

Fosters a positive mindset and resilience

Promotes a culture of positivity, kindness, and inclusivity

Engages students through captivating storytelling and interactive sessions

Tailored talks for different age groups and educational settings

Empowers educators with renewed motivation and inspiration

Creates a lasting impact on the next generation's personal and academic growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you contact speakers well in advance and set up a briefing call/zoom to discuss the event’s details, AV setup and any other details both parties should be aware of. Provide the speaker with some information about the school or college, its student population, how many will attend and any issues it might be best to avoid.

Listening to a guest speaker activity allows students to learn about the speaker’s life, career, organisation, business, and industry, and then ask questions. The talk may help them consider whether a career in that field is for them or whether the topic of discussion is something they are interested in exploring further.

Students benefit from guest speakers not just for filling knowledge gaps; they open the school to the community and beyond. By sharing expertise, experience, and examples from the community with your students, you show them what their future could hold.