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After returning from a school trip to Disneyland Paris in 2006, Anthony fell extremely ill and was given:

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  • 10% chance of survival after contracting 3 viral infections

  • His white blood cells reduced to zero

  • He suffered from a seizure whilst in a coma

  • He was resuscitated and brought back to life an amazing 12 times

  • He needed to re-learn the very basic functions such as breathing, walking and talking.


After making a full recovery, Anthony played a key role in winning a £7.5m charity partnership for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity and inspiring and leading a team of 20,000 team members to raise the funds which went towards a new cardiac wing at the children's hospital.

Anthony was recently named one of the happiest people in the UK in the Independent on Sunday’s 2015 Happy List, a programme recognised by the Prime Minster for his efforts in enriching the lives of others, making Britain a better place.


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In addition to his corporate work, Anthony believes passionately in the importance of helping the next generation.

As a speaker for schools, he uses his story to inspire people who are around the age at what he was at the time he fell ill.

He shares real life examples with students to help them to think about their lives differentlyhow to stay motivated and take positive action towards their goals in a world where that is becoming increasingly difficult to do.


When you say yes, amazing things can happen (2 mins)

Topics Covered

Self motivation

Anthony's Bit-by-Bit approach to goal setting


Dealing with setbacks

Social Media and Procrastination (including Fortnite)

Mental Health/Wellbeing



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