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3 life threatening viral infections

10% chance of survival

12x resuscitated
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This is Anthony Bennett's captivating account on how a school trip left him fighting for his life and needing to learn the very basic functions from scratch.

With a highly infectious and positive outlook on life, Anthony takes his audience on a crucial journey through motivation, his bit by bit approach, overcoming fear and teamwork. Seen and applauded by 1000's worldwide!

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Miracle Man.

Anthony Bennett  |  Inspirational Speaker


Topics Covered

·       Maintaining motivation
·       Resilience
·       Recognition and reward
·       Playing to strengths
·       Inspiring and empowering
·       Humility

·       Goal setting
·       Developing a learning culture
·       Collaboration and teamwork
·       Structuring the team for success
·       Dealing with setbacks
·       Connecting with your inner voice