My time at Great Ormond Street Hospital 


After my recovery


Millennial Motivation

During my 7 week stay at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, I was diagnosed with Streptococcus Pneumoniae, Staphylococcus and Influenza B.

My heart stopped 12 times. My family were told he only had 10% chance of survival and should think about funeral arrangements

I started to show signs of improvements and step by step I began my recovery process learning how to move my body, talk, sit unaided, stand, walk and get my health back 

I was left fighting for my life after a school trip to Disneyland Paris, 2006

I was offered the opportunity to speak at a charity event. One event turned into two events and so on, giving me opportunities to build my confidence and better my story telling skills.

GOSH were shortlisted as Whitbread's charity partner. I was asked if I wanted to help the charity with the corporate pitch, which ended with me being scouted by two members of the Whitbread Exec directors and offered a job at Whitbread in the company's CSR team.

I focused on communications and engagement within the charity partnership. This opened a wide range of speaking opportunities in schools, external companies and to over 20,000 employees.

Seeing and feeling how my words resinate with my audience in a positive way keeps me inspired to keep speaking.

Being approached after a session by audience members and hearing how my session connected with individuals who are going through or have gone through a challenging period is my driving force.

Hearing how my words have helped to give an individual the support, guidance and motivation they need to start climbing upwards is a feeling that fuels my want to help people even further.